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The bulk of the co-curricular programme is implemented through Thursday Activities held every Thursday and SUPW sessions held every Wednesday. Apart from these, various on-and off-campus programmes include Night Camp, excursions and trips, and inter-school and intra-school competitions. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills through a ‘Student Council’ that is governed by a prefect body.

To encourage and enthuse students, interactive sessions are conducted with visiting experts and celebrated artists, scientists, and thinkers throughout the year. With a view to reiterate values that make humankind divine, the current academic year has been dedicated to the theme, ‘It’s all about Respect’. We ardently believe in instilling a deep notion of respect for one and all amongst our students. We aspire for them to be sensitive and humane citizens. Our society rests on the concept of respect; respect not only for others but also for one’s own self. Self-respect, in turn, leads to self-discipline.

We are also adopting Financial Literacy Programme that aims at fostering work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial skills to link education to practical and contextual knowledge.

This year we provided a platform to students across our four schools to be a part of ‘Book Writing Project’. Auditions were held, students were shortlisted over a number of rounds and finally 27 stories unfolded. These have been published under the title, Cobalt Blue. The book is a masterstroke in terms of opportunity and exposure the authors get, and the icing on the cake is that our students have illustrated these stories, too!