Academic Assessment is an important part of teaching and learning process. Hence, the Assessment pattern has been developed after conducting research of various international standards together with a study of the NCERT guidelines. The stress is laid on maximizing learning in the classroom, inducing a spirit to use the knowledge in real life situations.

For the tiny tots, i.e. Classes Nursery to III, the academic year is divided into three terms. There are no formal examinations for these classes. However, evaluation of the child’s progress is done on the basis of day to day performance under the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). These theme based assessments are carried out in various ways which include written assessments via worksheets and written work done in the notebooks in school and at home, oral assessments via classroom discussions and interactions, and activity assessments that are judged primarily through Thursday activities, Project activities, Learning centre activities, creative work etc.

Our school being affiliated to the CBSE, the assessments for the secondary and the senior secondary sections is in adherence to the Assessment guidelines laid down by the boards. Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is carried out throughout the session in various ways which include written work done in school and at home, verbal assessments via classroom discussions and interactions, project assignments and co-curricular activities.

The co-scholastic performance of the students is evaluated through various activities which are either individual or group tasks. We have incorporated several activities in our curriculum like Thursday Activities and SUPW clubs in classes IV to XII, which enhances the innate co-scholastic talents amongst the students. We also have the inter-class and intra-class events and competitions embedded in our curriculum. The participation and performance of the students in these activities and programs helps the Class teachers, Co-curricular teachers in evaluating the co-scholastic performance of the child.